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No where can you go to get the experience and knowledge of Real Estate and Construction combined. With our professionals at Kinella Capital you get the best of both worlds. Not only can we acquire the properties and have all the in house knowledge to remodel, re-do and renovate for the best bang for your buck.

TK Stratton 

A Principal at Kinella Capital LLC, a boutique real estate investment company,
TK works with HNW individuals and family offices to allocate their funds in real estate as an asset class.

Having owned and operated the largest property restoration firm in Arizona, TK brings unique expertise in renovation and construction. His skillset for controlling renovation costs and construction timelines maximizes cash on cash returns for each investment.  He has renovated/restored thousands of properties and currently owns hundreds of multifamily units, single family homes, and industrial buildings his companies lease and manage.

TK holds an A1 engineering license as well as a KB1 construction license in Arizona.

Among TK’s strengths are his relationships with business leaders and entrepreneurs globally.

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Kris Tomlinson

Kris brings two decades of multi-family investment and management experience to his role as President of Kinella Capital, including seven years as Vice President for Pinnacle Property Management and Managing Director for Cushman & Wakefield where he helped launch their multi-family division and transitioned the Arizona portfolio through the second largest multi-family merger in history. During this tenure, Kris acquired over 7,000 multi-family units for the newly launched division with a valuation of over 2 billion dollars. It was after this successful and fulfilling journey that he joined Kinella Capital, where he drives our muti-family acquisitions, repositions, and new developments. Kris meticulously monitors the multi-family and land markets to identify new opportunities that can responsibly and effectively grow our portfolio.


Outside of his work at Kinella Capital, Kris also serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Multi-Housing Association (AMA), as well as the AMA's Government Advisory Board. Kris also served in the United States Air Force, and it was after this service that he began his career as a Leasing Consultant, knowing full well the advantages to starting a career from the ground up—much like the military.


Utilizing his strengths in management and team building he worked his way from on-site to the executive-level and has become a well-respected leader in the multifamily industry. 


Chad Kerby

Chad Kerby and TK Stratton, dynamic educators and communication experts dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders with the art of persuasive communication. With a combined passion for teaching, Chad and TK guide individuals in unlocking the power of effective communication to drive action from their prospects and clients.

Chad Kerby and TK Stratton have honed communication methods proven to catalyze exponential revenue growth for those who implement their strategies. Their unique approach goes beyond traditional communication training, delving into the psychology of influence and engagement. By mastering the techniques taught by Chad and TK, leaders can elevate their communication skills, fostering stronger connections and driving unprecedented business success.

Renowned as sought-after speakers, Chad and TK have graced prestigious stages alongside influential figures such as George W. Bush, Dave Ramsey, Simon Sinek, and many more. Their engaging presentations not only captivate audiences but also provide actionable insights that leaders can immediately apply to transform their communication style and impact.

In addition to their captivating speaking engagements, Chad and TK are accomplished co-authors, contributing to books and courses designed to revolutionize both business and life. Their collaborative works serve as comprehensive guides, offering practical wisdom and step-by-step methodologies to enhance communication prowess, boost leadership effectiveness, and ultimately create a lasting impact.

Whether through live presentations, co-authored resources, or transformative courses, Chad Kerby and TK Stratton are dedicated to helping individuals reach new heights in their personal and professional journeys through the transformative power of effective communication.

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